About us

Bristol film.org is an organisation run and managed by independent filmmakers in the South West region. We are fiercely independent, non corporate and proactive in producing underground films of high quality.


We meet collaborate and socialise with other filmmakers in our region. We work hard to encourage others to make underground movies. We bring together other networking groups for a big annual event once a year.


We share resources, equipment, and facilities so you can get into this wonderful industry.


We don't work within restrictive industry dogma despite teaching the Hollywood system of film making. We encourage people to experiment and create great art and stand out films.


It All Starts Here

We are making movies, even now during Covid we are hard at work. Earlier this year we produced a music video for the band Auroracaelador check it out on our film page.

We are now collaborating with Directors and Writers to complete screenplays for two short films and two feature film projects.

Our Facebook group has no over 4700 members and growing rapidly. We cannot wait until next summer when restrictions are lifted and we are all out there shooting movies!