Are you ready to make a movie? Every year a new project is put into development.

Over the years we have seen many films produced in Bristol and with very little funding and inexperienced crew they have been some really good shorts and some reasonable features.

The two issues here are inexperience and funding. Without both the production quality suffers and the films are not taken on by distributors.

We aim to change the way our groups make films by hiring in professional DOP’s, Directors and Producers as mentors order to up the standards or what we create. Then our members can crew the films as interns so that they too can gain the valuable experience they need to up their own game.

Having worked with many professional practitioners over the years I can tell you it has changed the way I work and massively boosted my skillset in filmmaking.

If we can turn out professional looking well directed films with awesome scripts and stunning sound quality then perhaps distributors will take them on. This will then generate more funds to expand the program.

The plan is to produce two feature films over the next two years with professional heads of department. Assistant roles will be created for interns and crew.

Internship opportunities will be available in the following roles.

2nd Assistant Director

Lighting Assistant

Sound Assistant

Boom Operator

Camera Assistant

Assistant Producer

This is a great opportunity to get real on set experience and learn from leaders in their field.

The internship program will be open to applicants in Spring 2022 and the application page will go live on this website. We will post regular updates on the Facebook group-


Post production of one of our projects. 


Production in progress for a shoot on 16mm film stock. We made the brave decision to shoot on real film.


Behind the scenes on the set of Ill Manifesto